Take charge of your school's future!

As a school leader, you face a wide spectrum of challenges and have limited opportunities to look outside your school for innovative solutions. For eight years, we have been the local partner providing communities with powerful new options for school improvement.

School Models

Schools across the country are pushing the boundaries of public education with innovative ways of teaching and learning that energize teachers, excite students, and raise achievement. Innovative School is bringing these dynamic new school models to Delaware. We partner with educators and communities to identify the high-quality model that best fits their unique needs.

School Staffing

Delaware schools need to hire outstanding leaders and teachers trained to create positive results for all students. To increase the pool of candidates available, Innovative School Staffing is replicating two highly-acclaimed programs proven to develop educators who are ready to lead high performing schools.

School Solutions

Administrative operations play an important role in any school's success. But today's tight budgets require a strategic streamlining of administrative costs so that time and money can be re-directed to the classroom. Partner with Innovative Schools to optimize your school’s operations with affordable support from a range of experts.